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Registration open for LIANS' May sessions

LIANS will host the following four webinar/in-house sessions this May:

(note: you must register for each desired session separately – spaces are limited):

May 8th (noon to 1pm) Assertiveness: Negotiating respectful interpersonal boundaries with Sara Lamb of Homewood Health™ 

At work, and at home, individuals are regularly negotiating their own needs with those of others. Choices need to be made between competing priorities. When boundaries are set, while consulting with key stakeholders before making decisions, cooperative relationships are created. This session will outline how to consciously set time, task, and role boundaries in order to create successful relationships.

May 9th (noon to 1pm) Billings, Write-offs and the Template Editor with Nancy Bembridge, PCLaw Certified Independent Consultant for Lexis Nexis [by webinar only]

A review of billings, write offs vs. provisional write-offs (and the reversal of same), and how these functions affect one’s income and HST reports, as well as a brief look at the bill templates and what the different sections mean when using the Template Editor.

May 23rd (noon to 1pm) Intro to assessing your practice management infrastructure with Stacey Gerrard, LIANS Counsel & Jennifer Pink, NSBS Legal Services Support Officer

Council has identified ten elements which define a healthy practice management infrastructure, regardless of the size or shape of one’s practice. We are developing a self assessment process to support legal entities as they review and enhance the policies, procedures, and practice systems that define their unique Management System for Ethical Legal Practice. Join us to learn more about the ten elements and the self assessment process.

May 31st (noon to 1pm) Stress Busters  with Andria Hill-Lehr of Homewood Health™    

When stressors overwhelm us, effective techniques can help to bring us back to equilibrium. This session will explore all aspects of the stress response, focusing on practical tips and tools to bring us to optimal stress levels, thereby helping us to maximize our energy and performance.


Lawyers and their staff are welcome.

Note: for webinar attendees who gather as a group using one computer, only one participant will need to register to obtain a webinar login link.