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Nov 1st, 2011

In this edition you’ll learn how to search for emails on your BlackBerry, a Form 21reminder , general rules re: joint tenancies and bankruptcy, how joy = vitality and health, about certificates of...

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Sep 1st, 2011

In this edition you’ll learn how to prevent theft of your physical and electronic files, about Nova Scotia’s Capped Assessment Program, how to create an easy-to-remember ‘Super Password”, about...

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Jul 1st, 2011

In this month's issue, learn how to write a more persuasive brief, why you should take a mini vacation, read a Court of Appeal decision, learn helpful technology tips, read an updated list of...

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May 1st, 2011

In this month's issue, learn why we plan for succession, about the Capped Assessment Program (CAP), scrubbing metadata, turning back the age clock, Standard Form frustration, the importance of...

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Mar 1st, 2011

In this month's issue, learn about Family Law claim statistics, workplace violence, security with web-based software, documenting your file with stamps, prolonging your smartphone's battery,...

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Jan 1st, 2011

In this month's issue, learn more "Confessions of a sole practitioner", registrations under the PPSA, dealing with seasonal affective disorder, a solo and small firm conference round-up, RSS feeds...

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Nov 2nd, 2010

Learn about the Parental Leave Support Program launch, “Confessions of a Sole Practitioner”, the Nova Scotia Securities Transfer Act, smartphone apps for lawyers, new parent support from...

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Sep 1st, 2010

In this issue, read about limitation periods for the Atlantic Provinces, clear client communication, Directors and the Volunteer Protection Act, De Factos and “De Fiction”,...

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Jul 2nd, 2010

Learn more about cloud computing, the LRA system, retainers, liabilities for Boards of Directors, and LAP considers how to blend a modern family.

May 3rd, 2010

Read about LRA judgment searches, technology trends, voluntary excess professional liability insurance, HST changes for first time home buyers, and being on a Board of Directors