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Request for input on the LOMC Record Retention Standard

The Professional Standards (Law Office Management) Committee is seeking input from the membership on the first Standard proposed by the Committee with regard to Record Retention. Please submit comments and suggestions pertaining to this draft Standard to by May 10, 2013.

The Standard on Record Retention is intended to reflect that lawyers have statutory and regulatory obligations to maintain records in a manner that is accessible and readable. The Standard does not set requirements for "how" a lawyer is to maintain records. However, to assist lawyers with determining "how" to do this work, the supporting paper from the Committee (attached) includes sample record retention policies as well as a file closing checklist for use in determining how to meet the newly articulated Standard.

Draft Standard on Record Retention

The Retention and Destruction of Client Files and Business Records for Lawyers
Report of the Professional Standards (Law Office Management) Committee, February 2013