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Common smartphone security breaches

In keeping with the summer theme, here are some common smartphone security mistakes to avoid while enjoying time away from the office:

  • Failing to lock down your device: While we recommend changing the default 4-digit code to a more complex password, simply having a passcode can deter an opportunistic thief.
  • Failing to have the most up-to-date version of your apps: Vulnerabilities and security flaws sometimes exist and developers will fix the problem through patch updates.
  • Storing sensitive work data on an unauthorized device: It is recommended that you have a work and personal smartphone to avoid any breaches of solicitor/client privilege.
  • Opening questionable content on your smartphone unless you know who it’s from and what it is.  However, do not click on a link in a direct twitter message; it has become one of the most easiest and popular ways to send spam.
  • Failing to adhere to your company’s social media policies -- or not knowing what they are!
  • Using public or unsecure wi-fi: It’s too easy to access your data and can even allow hackers to hijack your device through your apps.

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