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RPM Tip: Hire students to solve your scanning dilemma!

File retention and succession planning continue to be two of the most often-asked questions we get at LIANS. Retaining physical files is expensive and storage is limited. The new Limitation of Actions Act did not completely absolve your requirement to retain old(er) files but the thought of scanning years of old files is – at best – daunting. So what’s the solution?

Students from high school and community colleges who participate in co-op programs are required to complete work terms as a part of their curriculum. Hiring a student allows them to fulfil their requirements and offers you the opportunity to get assistance tackling tasks that might otherwise never be completed. While we are not suggesting your student spend their entire work term scanning files (doing so may not allow them to meet their curriculum requirements), this is an opportunity for both parties to fulfil their obligations in a cost-effective manner.

Remember: it is prudent to have your student sign a confidentiality agreement before their work term begins. You can find a sample agreement on the LIANS website.

If you have any questions on these, or any other risk- or practice-related matters, do not hesitate to contact Stacey Gerrard, LIANS Counsel with the Risk and Practice Management Program at or call 902 423 1300 ext. 345.