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The danger of a dual calendaring system

At LIANS, we often stress the importance of backing up your files – and this includes your calendar. However, maintaining a dual calendaring system where multiple entries are required may increase your risk of error. Nor is it efficient.

The better option is to use the technology you have at your disposal that allows you to input one entry into one calendar, and sync to your other calendar(s). If you use a practice management system, enter your dates into that system but arrange so it syncs with your Outlook (or other email provider). If you do not have a practice management system, you can sync internet email providers like Google with your Outlook by using an app. When using internet email providers, be mindful of your obligation to keep confidential your client information.

A single entry system to multiple calendars reduces the risk of human errors that may result in a claim. It also ensures you have access to your calendar no matter where you are.

If you have any questions on these or any other risk- or practice-related matters, do not hesitate to contact Stacey Gerrard, LIANS Counsel with the Risk and Practice Management Program, at or call 902 423 1300 ext. 345.