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NSLAP WELLNESS: When Someone You Care About Has Alzheimer’s or Dementia

"When living with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, either as the person experiencing brain changes, or as someone in the role of caregiver, it’s important to try to anchor yourself in the present as much as possible. It can be incredibly difficult to do. Dementia affects language, memory and decision making within the affected person’s brain. More broadly, it also takes away from the past, fills the present with stress, and fuels fear of an uncertain future.

Of course, the goal is for the caregiver and person living with dementia to live well. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has complicated that significantly. Public health guidelines for reducing virus transmission are not ideal for people living with dementia, especially those who have progressed to later stages of their disease. As community care supports and LTC facilities begin to reopen, it's essential to understand the rules and appeal for the best solutions for individuals because dementia does not follow a predictable path for everyone."

On behalf of your Nova Scotia Lawyers Assistance Program (NSLAP) provider, Homewood HealthTM is pleased to provide the following newsletter "When Someone You Care About Has Alzheimer’s or Dementia" (October 15, 2020)

If you have wellness questions, or are looking for wellness information, visit the NSLAP website at For more information and support, along with resources and counselling on dealing with Alzheimer's and dementia, register with Homewood Health™ Please note that NSLAP is your “company” name when you register.

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