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NSLAP WELLNESS: Experiencing a Traumatic Event - Canada's Residential Schools

"The unfortunate realities of Canada’s history with Indigenous People have been reinforced with the discovery of another unmarked gravesite containing unnamed children in Saskatchewan. This atrocity is believed to be the most significant finding to date as authorities estimate the numbers to be in the hundreds. This painful reminder of an unethical and unprincipled time brings distress, frustration and remorse to both Indigenous communities and Canadians across the country. Coupled with the recent finding in British Columbia, the appalling news has amplified feelings ranging from anger and renewed trauma to grief among those individuals directly and indirectly impacted.

Unexpected events regardless of their nature, a serious accident, an act of violence, a natural disaster or some other incident that has left people directly or indirectly involved feeling unsettled or seriously impacted. The purpose of this handout is to help you understand some possible reactions you may be experiencing as a result of this incident and provide suggestions regarding the best ways to manage your reactions and begin your recovery."

On behalf of your Nova Scotia Lawyers Assistance Program (NSLAP) provider, Homewood HealthTM is pleased to provide the following newsletter "Experiencing a Traumatic Event: Recovery and Coping Strategies" (June 24, 2021)

If you have wellness questions, or are looking for wellness information, visit the NSLAP website at For more information and support, along with resources and counselling on experiencing trauma, register with Homewood Health™ Please note that NSLAP is your “company” name when you register.

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