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Issue 55 | January 2019


This newsletter includes information to help lawyers reduce the likelihood of being sued for malpractice. The material presented is not intended to establish, report, or create the standard of care for lawyers. The articles do not represent a complete analysis of the topics presented, and readers should conduct their own appropriate legal research.
LIANS Announces New Claims Counsel

LIANS is pleased to welcome our new Claims Counsel, Lisa Wight.

During the next couple of months, Lisa will work closely with Gerri O’Shea, who will be retiring from LIANS at the end of March ...

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Better passwords for cyber insurance coverage

From our cyber insurance coverage perspective, three important factors to consider with network security are firewalls, regular data back-up and end-point protection. But one of the most important factors in cyber security has no implementation cost to it – a strong password.

Here are some password tips ...

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Seeking mentors

Do you have a minimum of nine years of experience and are interested in volunteering your time to provide support and guidance to another member?

LIANS is currently seeking mentors of all backgrounds for its Mentorship Program, specifically in the areas of Family law, Corporate/Commercial, Wills and Estates, and Criminal law.

Participation could be eligible as a CPD activity ...


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Protect yourself and your insurance coverage from social engineering fraud

In a recent case, a law firm fell victim to a social engineering fraud, and sustained a loss of $1.7 million of client funds. A breach of the client’s email enabled the fraud to take place because the emailed instructions the lawyer received to transfer funds, though appearing to be from the client, were in fact from the fraudster.

This scenario is not that rare and in fact, last year, there was a similar situation in Nova Scotia ...

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Volunteers wanted: Wills, POA & Personal Directives Standards Committee; and LAP Committee

LIANS is looking for volunteers interested in joining the new Standards Committee for Wills, Powers of Attorney and Personal Directives; and/or the Lawyers Assistance Program Committee  ...

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Subscribe to legislation and decison updates from CanLII

CanLII (an open access database for Canadian legislation and case law) offers a comprehensive list of RSS feeds for decisions and legislation from federal and provincial courts and tribunals.
Here's how to receive automatic updates ...

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How to support children who identify as LGBTQ2+

To say that parenting is a journey of continued learning and unique experiences may be one of life’s biggest understatements. So, what happens when your child begins to wonder about their sexuality or gender identity?

What if your child identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender-variant, or maybe they just have questions? What should you do? And how can you best support them?

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Care is absolute, prevention is ideal: Getting it right with client service

Stay on track with these tips to reduce risk and improve client service ...

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Connect and consult with LIANS' online practice forums

LIANS' online forums “Small Talk, “The Family Room” and “Real Estate Assistants Forum” allow solo and small firm lawyers, family law lawyers, and real estate assistants to connect and share information.

Though not a substitute for professional judgment, these forums are designed as an opportunity to share collective professional knowledge and experience, provide a sounding board, and otherwise connect ...

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Disagree to disagree: Contingency fee agreements

A 2017 decision from the Ontario Court of Appeal upheld a Divisional Court ruling that certified a class action lawsuit against personal injury law firm, alleging that the firm’s contingency fee agreement with clients did not comply with the province’s Solicitors Act.

You should review your contingency fee agreements to ensure that both your agreement and methodology in this area comply with all applicable rules and legislation, including ...

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