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Issue 65 | September 2020


This newsletter includes information to help lawyers reduce the likelihood of being sued for malpractice. The material presented is not intended to establish, report, or create the standard of care for lawyers. The articles do not represent a complete analysis of the topics presented, and readers should conduct their own appropriate legal research.
LIANS and NSBS Solo and Small Firm Virtual Conference, November 5, 2020

Join us through Zoom online on Thursday, November 5th, 2020 for the 12th annual Solo and Small Firm Conference, hosted by LIANS and NSBS. You may attend the morning (9am-12pm) or afternoon (1pm-4pm) broadcast, or both. Sessions may be eligible to count towards your annual CPD. The pandemic does not allow us to have an in-person event this year, however, not needing to rent a venue so significantly reduces the cost that we are hosting this year’s event at no charge to attendees. The current session line-up includes ...

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LIANS releases Annual Report 2019

LIANS' 2019 Annual Report presents an overview of its activities and financial performance over the last year, and outlines our direction for future initiatives ...

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Calling all Mentors!

Do you have a minimum of nine years of experience and are interested in volunteering your time to provide support and guidance to another member?

LIANS is currently seeking mentors of all backgrounds for its Mentorship Program, specifically in the areas of Family law, Corporate/Commercial, Wills and Estates, and Criminal law ...

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Small but Mighty: Reducing Risk in Daily Transactions

Of the claims opened in 2019, almost 60% were caused by either Communication or System/Procedural/Administrative errors. The remaining 40% are a combination of a Failure to Know/Apply the Law; Conflict of Parties; Delegation/Supervision of Staff; and Fraud by a Client/Other Party.

Here are some pitfalls that have led to increased risk ...

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Mis-Direction: Pitfalls of Acting on a Board of Directors

As a lawyer, you may be asked to join, or on your own decide to join, the Board of Directors of an organization, be it a for-profit company, a not-for-profit organization or even a condominium. Your law firm may ask you to sit on client’s Board.

As lawyers, our skills, expertise and insights are often valued by Boards, something to be taken as a compliment. Before accepting these positions, you should understand your potential risks ...

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NSLAP WELLNESS: Navigating Life in Mental Health Recovery

For many people, 2020 has been surreal, challenging and upsetting. There has been no other time in recent history where so many significant events, from natural and man-made ecological disasters to political, cultural and social upheaval, have felt like shared experiences with people from all over the world. Each of these can build anxiety and contribute to stress that affects our mental health. You need to bring in tools and methods that will continue to support how you recover ...

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Scrub Hidden Sensitive Data (Metadata) from Word Documents

Potentially privacy-compromising metadata such as hidden comments from reviewers, revision marks from tracked changes, details about the author, date when a document was created, headers, footers, watermarks, hidden text, or even custom XML data can easily be cleared from a document. Before sharing electronic copies of files, it is a good idea to remove hidden data or personal information that may be stored in the document or its properties ...

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All For One, One for All? Contingency Fee Agreements

A 2017 decision from the Ontario Court of Appeal upheld a Divisional Court ruling that certified a class action lawsuit against personal injury law firm, alleging that the firm’s contingency fee agreement with clients did not comply with the province’s Solicitors Act. You should review your contingency fee agreements to ensure that both your agreement and methodology in this area comply with all applicable rules and legislation, including ...

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FRAUD ALERT: Increased Scam Attempts in 2020

We've issued numerous fraud alerts this year, and continue to receive daily reports from lawyers around the province. You should always be vigilant to fraud, but particularly during the pandemic, when scammers are targeting distracted staff and impermanent workplaces, hoping that these vulnerabilities will delay detection of scams. Here are the most common scam attempts and red flags that we've been seeing ...

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