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Issue 58 | July 2019


This newsletter includes information to help lawyers reduce the likelihood of being sued for malpractice. The material presented is not intended to establish, report, or create the standard of care for lawyers. The articles do not represent a complete analysis of the topics presented, and readers should conduct their own appropriate legal research.
New 2019-2020 mandatory policy

You, or the designated lawyer for your firm, will, in the next couple weeks, receive a copy of your CLIA insurance policy for the policy year commencing July 1 2019 through July 1, 2020. The new Policy No. is 32000.

The format remains the same as last year:

Part A – Basic Insurance (the mandatory professional liability coverage provided by LIANS)

Part B – Excess Insurance (optional, provided by CLIA for those who purchase it)

Part C – Trust Protection Indemnification Policy (Lawyer’s Fund for Client Compensation)

Part D – Cyber Liability Insurance (provided by CLIA)

There are some changes to Parts A and D from last year:

  1. For Part A – Basic Insurance, the definition of Incidental Services has been amended to add a new incidental service; and
  2. For Part D – Cyber, the loss limits for Privacy Breach Notification and Mitigation Expense Coverage, System Failure and Digital Data Asset Rectification Expense Coverage and Cyber Threat and Extortion Expense Coverage have been increased for sole practitioners and firms of up to 25 members. The new limits match those for firms of 26 or more lawyers.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact LIANS’ Director of Insurance, Lawrence Rubin