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Issue 66 | November 2020


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NSLAP WELLNESS: Dealing with the Holidays During a Pandemic

"As we move into the last month of 2020, we know that traditional holiday celebrations will need to be reframed due to COVID-19. We've been living with gathering restrictions and adhering to public health guidelines intended to keep us protected and safe. Many people are used to having full social calendars of holiday-themed events. It's hard to imagine experiencing the holidays in any other way. While some people will embrace creative adaptations, others will struggle. This year especially, it's going to be essential to recognize that feelings of loneliness and isolation can have a significant effect on someone's mental health. We’ll share some ideas and information on recognizing signs of loneliness and isolation in ourselves and those we care about, offering tips on what we can do to support one another." Read "Staying Connected to Combat Loneliness and Isolation During the Holidays"

"The onset of winter typically signifies the beginning of seasonal festivities, family traditions and holidays. This year we face a season of uncertainty, a reprieve of traditions, and social and physical distancing guidelines and mandates to combat the risk of infection and spread of COVID-19. The continuing pandemic in combination with the dynamic changes in weather and a significant decrease in daylight hours can be emotionally overwhelming for many. With the approaching holidays and new year, many individuals are generally on the lookout for a bit of company to help them feel a sense of togetherness and to have some good old fashioned fun with family, friends and colleagues. This year will be different." Read "When the Next Celebration Isn’t Just Around the Corner"

If you have wellness questions, or are looking for wellness information, visit the NSLAP website at For more information and support available 24/7, along with resources and counselling on dealing with the holidays during a pandemic, register with and visit Homewood Health™ Please note that NSLAP is your “company” name when you register.

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