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Issue 66 | November 2020


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Resources and Survey from the LIANS & NSBS 2020 Virtual Conference

As you may know, we held our annual solo and small firm conference on November 5th. Our first virtual event and overall, from your comments, quite successful. Assuming in-person events are permitted next year we will look to hosting it both live and virtually.

We have uploaded all PowerPoint presentations and resources from the 2020 LIANS/NSBS Solo and Small Firm (Virtual) Conference to the LIANS website under ‘Presentations’:

We are currently reviewing the comments from the attendee survey, some of which ask specific questions or seek clarification. As the survey is anonymous we cannot respond directly so we will aim to do so in a future issue of LIANSwers.

For those who attended this year, thank you for your participation. If you have not completed the survey, please do so here: