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Issue 37 | January 2016


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Tammy's Tech Tips: The Smartwatch

The 2015 holidays brought us wonderful new technologies, including one of the newest and hottest items – the smartwatch. There are great options available among brands, so here are some pros and cons among the most popular: iWatch, Samsung Gear or Microsoft Band.


  • They offer a Sci-Fi/New-Age feel, and eliminate the need to pull out your phone to access emails, texts and a wide variety of apps.
  • Smartwatches are very stylish, many with interchangeable watch bands and stylized faces.
  • Built-in navigation while walking or driving
  • Personalized fitness apps to keep your activity tracked


  • Can be very costly (iWatch base cost approx $450CAD)
  • Some brands offer limited battery life
  • Compatibility with some smartphones and/or apps can be challenging
  • Tiny screen + big fingers ...
  • Notification management is inconsistent, with proximity to your phone at times being an issue
  • Practicality of smart watch may render expensive watch collection obsolete
  • Very sensitive to water damage

Smartwatches are beautiful, impressive, practical – and here to stay. Is it your time to get “smart”?