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LIANS Presents

With the aim of providing information on legal developments in Nova Scotia and throughout Canada that may be of general interest to our insureds, we at LIANS are starting a new series consisting of materials that lawyers have prepared for prior live presentations. Though what we post may form part of your annual CPD plan, these materials are not a substitute for participating in live or interactive CPD programs.

Although we are providing these materials, as we have no input on the content, LIANS assumes no responsibility for their accuracy nor are we responsible for any opinions or conclusions in them. Nor are we endorsing the firm or lawyer that prepared the material and in that light, as this series is not meant to be a marketing tool, we will not accept submissions. Rather, if we come across a presentation that satisfies our goal for this series which, as noted, is to convey information that may be of general interest to our insureds, we will contact the author(s) for permission to post.

If there are questions or comments on this series, feel free to contact LIANS’ Director of Insurance, Lawrence Rubin

LIANS Presents ...

Top 10 Cases of 2016 Affecting your In-House Practice” posted courtesy of, and with thanks to, Andrew Bernstein of Torys LLP