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Human Resources/Staff Management

There are options to cultivating a positive work environment that can ultimately affect your bottom line - and from a business perspective, a happy workplace is a productive workplace.

Supporting your support staff
Creating a positive and productive work environment
The 2/3 Rule to make you happy and successful
Taking on too much


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Invest in Training

Do not skimp on training yourself and staff to use new and/or existing software applications—it is penny-wise and pound-foolish. Training helps you get the most out of your technology investment, so make the time and pony up the tuition. Each staff member needs a minimum of 6-12 hours per year just to keep up with software changes and enhancements. Training can even be free: Take advantage of free online training to improve your skills on Microsoft Office.

Keep Your Staff Healthy (and Working)

Our computer keyboards, phones, and other portable devices can get full of germs and who-knows-what. Germs that cause illness and can lead to staff sick days. Reduce the risks of spreading germs in the office with disinfectant wipes.

Also, consider contributing to employee costs for fitness or wellness programs such as weight loss or smoking cessation.