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As we begin to move towards a paperless practice, a scanner is a requisite piece of equipment. Consider the Fujitsu ScanSnap S500 scanner. The scanner can scan double-sided color pages at the rate of 18 per minute. The best part is that this scanner costs around $550.00 and includes a copy of Adobe Acrobat 8.0 Standard. Also consider the Canon Scanfront 220.

ScanSnap users, if you aren't checking out the ScanSnap Community website or subscribing to the ScanSnap Newsletter, you should be. Fujitsu has created a destination for users of ScanSnap model Fujitsu scanners that includes Tips & Tricks, how-to articles, an Ask the Expert section and even a marketplace for vendors that have created ScanSnap specific products. The ScanSnap newsletter includes links to special features and more on the ScanSnap Community.

In the May 2010 ScanSnap newsletter, there is a link to an Ask the Expert Question on How to Quickly Rename Your File After Scanning. Generally, most users have their ScanSnap set to automatically name their scan files using some combination of year, month, date and time. However, if you want to avoid having to open the Organizer or your scan folder and then go through the process of renaming the file, you can do it as soon as you finish scanning and before saving your file: use the Rename file after scanning the check box on the Save tab for your profile. That's it. The post includes images to show you the exact screen.