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Wellness and Balance

If you are a lawyer, you know the challenges faced by the profession to find balance in your life and to maintain a sense of wellness. There never seems to be enough time in the day to meet the ever increasing demands of practice, home and self.

For those lawyers in need, the Nova Scotia Lawyers Assistance Program (NSLAP) offers a confidential referral and short term counselling service for members of the legal profession, their staff, and families who may have health or personal concerns. Resources are available for a full range of personal, family or life events and issues.

NSLAP also includes wellness programs online, to help you develop your Personal Wellness Plan, with a variety of e-courses and other tools designed to help you take charge of your health and well-being. You can access online resources through our provider Homewood Health™.

Visit the NSLAP website at Please note that NSLAP is your “company” name when you register. When you call the NSLAP number at 1-866-299-1299, (Français: 1-866-398-9505; TTY: 1-888-384-1152), your call will be answered any time, day or night, 365 days per year.

Homewood Health™ also provides written articles and newsletters to assist you with various lifestyle topics. The following have appeared in past issues of LIANSwers and InForum:

Aging, Caregiving and Dependent Living

Caring for aging parents: Housing options for the elderly

Caring for aging parents: Safety in the home

Caring for aging parents: Financial and legal matters

Caring for aging parents: Employees as caregivers

Caring for aging parents: Long-distance caregiving

Children, Parenting and Families

How to Help Children Cope with Traumatic Events

How to deal with your child's transition from pre-teen to adolescence

How to help children deal with the death of a loved one

How to deal with bedwetting

Preparing for life and work after baby: Fatherhood

Preparing for life and work after baby: Positive parenting

Preparing for life and work after baby: babies and sleep

How to tell your child about your separation or divorce

Grandparenting: How to best support your grandchildren

Single parenting and how to support a single parent

Temper tantrums

Back-to-school tips

Diabetes and Helping Teens Cope

Healthy Living and Self-Improvement

Benefits of Eating Superfoods

Your Nutrition Resource Kit

A New Year and a New You

Getting the most from medication

Eating healthier on the run

How to increase your self-confidence

Getting adequate sleep

Body image and loving how you look

How to improve sleep

The healing power of helping others

How to take the chance to express yourself

Flu prevention tips and Flu season fact sheet

Staying sharp through learning activities

Visit our Presentations page for resources from "Healthy Eating on the Go" with Erin Walker of Homewood Health™

Mental and Emotional Health

Building your resilience

Maintaining Your Mental Health

How to deal with anger

Quick tips to manage stress

Childhood sexual abuse

How to avoid over-reacting

Relationships and Social Connections

Finding Forgiveness

Improving Family (and other) Relationships

Communicating your feelings of love and affection

How to Deal with Guilt

How to keep loving feelings strong in everyday life

Marital conflict: dispelling the myths

Avoiding holiday stress

Technology and relationships

How to restore trust in your relationship

Workplace Issues

Managing a multi-generational workforce

Dealing with workplace change and transition

How to deal with job loss

Managing workplace conflict

How to improve your writing skills

Working with a mental health challenge